Your final stop to beat depression on your own naturally

After 2 years of going to psychotherapy, I can finally say that I am happy. That's a big improvement. Before therapy, I thought I was defective as a human being. I still remember telling my therapist, I feel lower than a human being. Wow, just remembering those memories, I can still feel the pain that I used to have.

Before I was my worst enemy. I used to eat less than 300 calories a day. I used to sleep more than 13 hours daily. Now, I love myself. I am my best friend. I love being with myself. I realized that I don't have many options.

You must love yourself with all your heart. Because if you don't you are going to be torturing yourself for your whole life. If you don't like a person on the street, you can just walk away. But with yourself, you are going to be with you your entire life.

mmm... Before I couldn't socialize. I was fearful of people. I had phobia. I was getting paranoia due to my fears. I was isolated. Depressed. Disheveled.

Wow... Now every time, I'm meeting a new person. I just want to hug him/her. Here, let me give you a hug, I know you are in a lot of pain.

I being there. The reason, I am still updating this website is because everywhere I go, people are still suffering from some type of depression. And some of them, are not even aware.

Also, I used to have a lot of toxic shame before. Healthy shame means that you are a human, and that you are going to have some flaws. That's normal.

Toxic shame is when you believe that you are defective human. If you were raised in an environment when you did not make any decisions. When you were criticist everytime you make a decision. Chances are that you have toxic shame.

Why is shame is important if you planning to heal?

Shame is one of the most painful emotions. People that do drugs, or are obsesses with any addiction is usually due to shame.

Sometimes, I feel toxic shame. When this happen, I don't want to go anywhere. I just want to stay in my room. I want to stay in my bed all day.

When they call me to work, I don't want to answer my phone. When something good happens in my life. I feel toxic shame. When someone criticize me, I feel toxic shame. When I look at myself, I feel toxic shame.

That means that shame has internalize in my self. Do you know someone that is always angry. That is because they have internalize anger. Anger is now part of themselves.

With therapy, I was able to remove a lot of toxic shame in my body. But I still have it. This toxic shame has being internalize in my body.

I started doing Maum meditation couple of weeks ago to try to remove the rest of the shame that I still carry it... Basically, what you do is you meditate. And then someone is guiding you through the whole meditation.

I will write about this meditation in a couple of weeks. Anyways back to toxic shame, In order to cure your depression. you need to do more than just read self-help books, or stop watching self-help videos on youtube. This videos can make you more depressed in some cases.

Here are some steps to overcome depression.

1. Give yourself a break. You are only a human.
2.Depression is like any disease
If you have pneumonia, hopefully you will consult your Doctor ASAP. Same thing with depression, you need help. Don't try to overcome this disease by yourself. You can do more damage than healing.

3. Find out what you are dealing
Yea, what are you dealing with? are you dealing with a postpartum depression(if you are a woman). Or are you becoming suicidal due to your depression. Is is important to find out how bad is your depression. Because finding out what you have is half of the battle. Ask yourself what's the root of my problem? Sometimes the root of your problems is your environment, in the other cases.

4.No one is coming to your rescue. Stop being the victim. Life is beautiful. You are in heaven right now. But you must work hard to build your heaven here in this earth. Else, you will always feel like if the world is against you. The world is not against you, you are against your own self. Who is going to win?

If you can't make decisions. Then you might need therapy. If you are depressed because you broke up with your bf/gf, then perhaps all you need is love from your friends or from a dog.

If you lost your job, and you are depressed. Is ok, the world is not over. You will find a better one. I promise ;)

The purpose of this website is to find the root of your problems, and to obtain happiness.

We all want happiness, but happiness is not guaranteed. We all need to keep looking for happiness. There's exist thousands of booking teaching you of many ways to become happy.

But not all the ways will lead to happiness. Here are some basic steps in order for you to start gaining happiness.

1.Give everything, with no expectations. 2.Connect to the source. 3.You are one with the universe.

Good luck on your journey!